Comprehensive Website Audits

Why do I need a Website Audit?

We recommend a website audit as the first step in any new project.

Even if your site is generally well-designed or new, you may still find that there are skeletons in your closet. We go beyond superficial impressions to problem-solve the fundamental issues that are undermining your site’s success. This includes problems like oversized images, confusing navigation, no sitemap, broken links, dodgy backlinks, poor hosting, slow load times and issues with your checkout. Using the strategies and insights in your audit report, you can make your site traffic ready and sales capable to start on the path to success.

You receive advice in plain English and actionable strategies for improving your website. Once the audit is complete, we book a 1-hour meeting with you and your team to talk through our findings.

Professional, In-depth Site Audits

Branchout Internet Marketing audits are conducted by senior SEO professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the factors that are most important to your business’s success. When you look at our audits of your website or competitor, you aren’t seeing yet another automated report from a standard auditing tool.

A typical site audit includes:

  1. First impressions from a digital marketing perspective
  2. Search engine indexing
  3. Site architecture
  4. Mobile navigation and experiences
  5. Load time
  6. Duplicate content
  7. Content – quality, depth and trust
  8. Local SEO – where relevant

Market Benchmarking

Using the powerful suite of tools provided by SEMrush, you can discover how your competitors are performing and understand whether any changes in your own performance are simply the result of market expansion or contraction – or whether something in your business or digital strategy needs closer examination. You will manage your risks and identify opportunities.

Competitive Site Audit

Analysing your competitors is a valuable way to know the strengths and weaknesses they face so you can be better positioned in comparison. As part of our analysis, we focus on how their sites win visitors, how they are performing against market trends, and how their sites perform when people visit them.

“Very impressive – someone doing an actual audit and doing some work rather than pushing a button and generating an automated report. Looking forward to implementing these recommendations”