There’s a Google Penguin Update on the Way…

If you think “Whatever!” and all you hear is “Google Penguin blah, blah, blah,” you might be in for a nasty shock.

You’ve heard people mention that Google penalises sites with bad backlinks but it doesn’t make sense…
There was a discussion about Google Penguin on Radio 4 and you missed it…
You believe your site is fine but how do you know?

If you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “I'm now worried Kate. I’ve had a professional backlink review and used first class tools to clean up my backlinks. Plus I maintain my Google Disavow file on a monthly basis,” You can stop reading now. If you have a reliable professional who does that work for you, the chances are that you will find the next version of Google Penguin is as cute as the feathery fellows that waddle around on icebergs.

In fact, if you have been working hard on keeping your backlinks in good shape, you are probably looking forward to the next Google Penguin update. We don't know exactly when the wait will be over but we're hoping it will be soon. When Google's Penguin 4.0 penalty rolls out, you will see the benefits of all your hard work and investment.

Should You Be Worried about Penguin 4.0?

If you have not been keeping your backlink profile clean you should be a little concerned. The people who need to be extremely worried are those who:

  1. Have competitors who might use negative SEO tactics against you;
  2. If your site has EVER been hacked (even if the hacked pages have been cleaned up);
  3. Publish articles through article directories or online press release agencies (now or in the past>;
  4. If you’ve used link building services in the past;
  5. Buy backlinks or pay for advertising links (unless you are certain that the links have been set up as "nofollow".

Do any of these sound familiar? If they do, you need to be worried. You have the kind of site which is most at risk right now. And time is running out.

By the time the previous Google Penguin update (Penguin 3.0) rolled out in October 2014, it was too late for one of our clients. They had been ignoring our warnings for over 6 months and now, 14 months later, they are still waiting for Penguin 4.0 for a full recovery. The costs to their business from Penguin 3.0 have totally dwarfed the costs of cleaning up the backlinks. They really wish they had acted sooner.

What Will a Google Penguin Penalty Cost You?

Can you quantify the impact of losing, say 90% or even 50%, of your search engine traffic? Can you imagine how much harder you and your sales team will have to work to replace that revenue?

We don’t know exactly when Penguin 4.0 will be with us but all the signs are that it will be soon. Make sure you don’t miss the deadline for submitting an up to date Disavow File to Google.

Pssttt… If you want to know if you are losing sleep over nothing, please email Kate. For just £60 +VAT we will generate a Detox graph for your website so you know what shape your backlinks are in and we can help you get your Disavow file ready.

UPDATE JAN 2017: I am offering to give away some free backlink reports to help you make evidence-based digital marketing decisions each month (subject to availability) so get in touch and find out more.


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