Running Your Website on “Gut Feeling” is Terrible for Your Business & “Experts” are Wrong

Evidence-based or Guess-based?

Do you know how often people tell me that their website doesn’t matter to their business? When I ask why they believe that, they usually say things like

“Someone I know told me…” or
“We don’t get any enquiries,” or
“We don’t have many visitors”.

When I ask them about the evidence, 90% of the time they tell me it’s “gut feeling” or say “I’ve been told”.

Does This Sound Familiar? Do You Need to Worry?

Well, if you are happy with the quantity and quality of your current clients or customers, then possibly not. But, I humbly suggest that you make sure your opinion is correct and check how expert your “experts” really are. Gather the data, review the evidence and then decide whether or not your website REALLY doesn't matter to your business. You also need to find out if your “expert” is simply someone who knows more jargon than you.

Tip: Your website designer, VA or PA is often NOT a genuine expert in SEO

Tip: If you’re now convinced you need more DATA and you want to skip the rest of this post, just scroll down and find out more about my Evidence Gathering Offers.

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Why Does This Matter More Than Ever in 2017?

There is a lot of political and economic uncertainty this year. Because of this, I’ve been asking myself some important questions about ways to diversify my client base. Do you want to know what I asked myself?

  1. What difference it would make to my business if my website generated a steady flow of high quality leads and sales?
  2. Would I have a more reliable source of business?
  3. Would I have a more measurable marketing funnel?
  4. Would I have access to potential, profitable customers that I can only dream of reaching at the moment?

I know that I need to keep on looking after my clients in 2017. I also need to work harder at my own website and digital marketing. How about you?

If you’ve answered “no”, then… please don't let me waste your time. I'm looking for people who believe their business will benefit from a harder working website. If that's you, my Evidence Gathering Offers are here for YOU.

Are You Still Here? Great!

I’m really glad you are and I’m looking forward to our journey together.

Let’s start by looking at the statement “My business comes through word-of-mouth. My website doesn’t contribute.” We’ve all said it. I plead guilty to it. If you’re anything like me, you said it because you didn’t have the time, energy or budget to invest in making it work really hard for you. You also had NO real data to support your feeling.

How an Inexpert “Expert” can KILL Your Business

Whose advice do you really trust? Sure, everyone has an opinion. Just like everyone has an opinion about the best car for you to buy or what time your children should go to bed or who’s going to win the current series of Strictly. And do you believe all of them? Of course you don’t. You listen more closely to the people who know…

The trouble is, if you don’t know anything, how do you know who to trust? Far too many people claim to be experts but all they actually know is how to bamboozle you.

Even people working in digital marketing and web design don’t always have the correct answers. I work very hard to keep my skills up to date because SEO is changing faster than ever at the moment. Sadly, there are lots of inexpert “experts” who give you out of date advice - which can land you in the proverbial.

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How Do YOU Know if You Don't Measure It?

If you only have a small number of visitors, it doesn’t prove that your website isn't helping your business. What if 1% of your monthly visitors are your ideal customers but you don’t even realise they’ve visited? They come, they go and you never know.

If all your business comes through word-of-mouth, which is the chicken and which is the egg? If your website looks like a shabby, disorganised, old-fashioned fuddy-duddy, it doesn’t stand a chance of helping your business grow. If your business is hidden away on page 10 of the Google results, it doesn’t stand a chance of helping your business grow.

You need a website that shows off the very best aspects of your business. You wouldn’t turn up at a business meeting in clothes that you wore 20 years ago and don’t fit you any more AND still expect to make a good impression, would you? How many people come across your business through recommendation and then NEVER contact you because your website is so TERRIBLE?

Know What to Ask

When you are shopping for advice on websites and SEO, you MUST be discerning and ask lots of questions. Quiz the "experts" who are giving you their opinion. Ask about their information sources why they value these sources. Ask what digital marketing training have they done in the last month? What did they learn? Ask what the jargon means. If you plan to follow their advice, you need to be sure that it's reliable.

Not just someone's opinion.

“Yeah, whatever!” I can imagine you thinking, “Of course you’ll say that Kate, you want to win my business”. I’ll be honest. If you want to talk to me about your business, I would, of course, love to hear from you.

I’m also being honest when I say that it makes me furious when I see people who’ve paid good money for terrible websites or rip-off digital marketing services. Really furious. (Ask my husband, he’s the one who hears me ranting!).

What Has Made Me Rant in the Last 3 Months?

I was very cross on behalf of the client who asked me about their current website. It was launched in 2016 and it's not mobile-friendly. It looks 5 years out of date already and Google hates it! Now we’re rushing to get them updated before they get pushed to page 3 of Google and stop getting any enquiries.

I've seen several sites that were updated in 2016 without moving to secure hosting. If you go to those sites now, you will see rather scary “Not Secure” warnings in some web browsers. Would that fill you with confidence? Would you submit any personal details? I thought not.

Last month I reviewed a Google AdWords campaign that wasn’t delivering any results but no-one told the business - the agency just kept on taking their money. Their agency didn't care about the client's ROI and it didn't see any ethical conflict with working for their direct competitor either. Would you be happy if you were the client?

I see countless websites without Search Console and Webmaster Tools accounts. Does it matter? It matters a lot if something bad happens to the website and you don't know about it until you stop getting enquiries.

I know some of my examples use techie jargon but I’m trying to make the point that a number of these mistakes are created by "experts". You have just read some real examples of what happens when businesses follow bad, out of date advice. Even if your new site looks nice, it could be killing your business. And how will you know? Remember, if your web designers and advisors aren’t SEO experts, how can they know what’s best for Google? How will you know if they’ve done a good job? (And it's not their fault - none of us are experts at everything).

Where Does This Leave You?

I guess that you’re feeling uncomfortable now. You don’t have enough solid evidence to judge your website and you don’t know if you’ve been following the wrong advice. You're probably wondering:

  • Is my website harming my business?
  • Am I losing valuable customers because my digital marketing is sh*t?
  • Am I missing opportunities because good prospects come to my site and I never find out?
  • How much is my website COSTING me in LOST OPPORTUNITIES?
  • How will I ever find out?

Evidence Gathering Offers

I told you earlier that I need to do more marketing this year and that’s made me think. I subscribe to some outstanding software tools that I don’t make full use of every month. For example, I might not run all the LinkDetox reports in my allowance. I might have space for another site in my WebCEO dashboard. Or perhaps I'll have a couple of SEMRush reports to spare.

So here’s my offer to you…

You tell me what concerns you most about your website and who your top 3 competitors are. I will give you a free report so you can start gathering evidence for your decision making.

It's first come, first served.

Sign Up Now!

Once all the free reports have gone for this month, I’ll add you to the waiting list for next month... if you can wait that long.

Is there a catch? Yes, unfortunately none of my amazing reports will tell you who’s visiting your website. But I can recommend a solution. Lead Forensics. Their software tells you who’s been visiting your website - and lots, lots more besides. I can honestly tell you that it’s been a golden bullet for some of my clients. So if you want to find out more or grab yourself a Free Demo sign up here.
I can even join you on the demo if you want me to.

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IF your goal for 2017 is to get more income through more leads and better enquiries, this is the place to start.

You know what you want to achieve. I'm offering to help you do it.

Start with invaluable EVIDENCE to show you the opportunities.

Make fact-based decisions.
Take expert advice.


What are you waiting for? Don’t let your competitors grab those free reports and free trials before you do!

p.s. There's no catch. I'll send you the report and then you can do whatever you want with it. I won't bombard you with pushy sales calls or endless emails (although I'd like to be able to send you mailings about new blog posts or other offers in future please).
p.p.s. Lead Forensics do have a follow-up sales team and I am a member of their Partnership Programme so I will earn a small commission if you sign up. I won't push you on this. It's entirely up to you what you decide to do.


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