Competitors Steal Your Google Leads

Then Your Website Kills the Rest

Earlier this month I was genuinely shocked to read a survey that showed 52% of people who have been recommended a professional services firm Google it and visit the website but they never make contact because the site is so off-putting.

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Running Your Website on “Gut Feeling” is Terrible for Your Business & “Experts” are Wrong

4 coloured lollies Evidence-based or Guess-based? Do you know how often people tell me that their website doesn’t matter to their business? When I ask why they believe that, they usually say things like “Someone I know told me…” or “We don’t get any enquiries,” or “We don’t have many visitors”. When I ask them about the evidence, […] Continue reading →

Local Search – What’s Happening and How to Get Good Results in Google’s Local Pack

screenshot of Google Local Pack Are you getting it right in Local Search? We have come along way since Google first developed their very rudimentary Local Search algorithms. Google has experimented extensively and worked hard to eradicate spam from their search results. The other important change has been led by technology. The question is, have you kept up? Google Changes […] Continue reading →

What’s New in Search for 2016?

What’s New in Search for 2016? After a busy January, keeping clients updated on all the latest search activity, I’ve returned to Casey Markee’s excellent set of predictions for 2016 over at Search Engine News. It seems that he is definitely on target: already 2 of his 7 are already close to being proved right. […] Continue reading →

Website Redesign Checklist

 How to Redesign Your Website Without Killing Your Rankings Are you one of those people who thinks that you should redesign your website and then start “doing SEO”? Do you think that you will “keep” your Google rankings when you change your site? Lots of people do and I HATE explaining that they’re wrong. Read […] Continue reading →

How does SEO make you competitive?

 How does SEO make you competitive? You may hear lots of jargon and unfamiliar terminology surrounding online business and websites.  It can be difficult to know where to start when it feels like you don’t know anything. As so often with what we think are completely new or alien concepts, we just need to see […] Continue reading →