About Us

Results-driven, professional digital marketing consultancy

We believe that what makes us special is the results we get for our clients. Now, if you’re anything like us, you will be pretty cynical about unrealistic promises and overblown claims.

In a world full of marketing speak and hyperbole, we don’t promise more than we genuinely believe we can deliver. We will be straightforward with you and open about the risks and the challenges of every project and we will always work hard to make good on our promises.

We never hide behind jargon or mysterious claims.  We don’t need to.  We are confident in the work we do and our knowledge.

We used to promise that we wouldn’t use jargon at all but that is getting harder and harder to keep.  SEO is getting more complex and often more technical.  People often say to us “I just can’t understand it all!” And we understand why they say that.  We also understand that we need to give you a context for the work we recommend – no one should expect you to work on blind faith.  To help make sense of this situation, we use a LOT of analogies.  Some daft, some funny, some (although we say it ourselves) brilliant!  Whenever there’s something to explain, we will try to find a real-world simile to give you the insight you need to make a judgement on our work.

We are always open with clients and, if we don’t have the answers, we can call on our strong network to help us find them. Branchout has been growing since 2003 and it comprises a strong team of freelancers, who work together to deliver flexible, effective solutions for our clients. We would love to hear from you if you have a project you feel we can help with. You can email us or call 01608 686 917.

Our Team

Kate Barlow

With over 13 years experience of making websites work harder for clients, Kate has established her credentials across a number of areas. She spends at least 4 hours per month on training (typically 2 formal sessions per month) and sharing best practice with SEO professionals from around the World. She is lucky enough to receive training sessions from leading experts in their fields, including content marketing, local search and technical SEO. She applies this training to help clients find and fix Google penalties, increase conversion rates and get better rankings in organic and local search. Kate firmly believes that “prevention is better than cure” when it comes to Google rankings and she regularly advises clients to “fix problems” before they even become problems.

Since 2003, Kate has been developing Branchout and acting as SEO director for other agencies. She has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and a range of vocational qualifications. Between work and study, Kate enjoys a diverse range of activities from Ashtanga yoga to swimming.
Adrian Allen
Ade has a deeply technical background but prides himself on the ability to communicate in plain English. He takes personal pride in providing a service that gives you absolute reassurance. When not at the keyboard he is to be found riding his dirt bike on the green lanes and byways of England.
man in diguise

Digital marketing accreditations to give you confidence

When you are working on your website, it is really important that you get advice you can rely on. We believe this means you should talk to someone who has invested in professional training courses from leading experts in their fields. We also believe this means that we have to have an ongoing commitment to keeping up to date on developments in SEO, Local Search and social media. We do this by attending regular Google Hangouts, participating in a Mastermind Group and attending monthly Mastermind Connects with Planet Ocean (view our certification page). This takes time and money but we believe that it means you can trust us to provide first class advice.

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Our goal is to give you the information, the tools and the support you need to build a robust business. Together we will make sure your digital marketing delivers good quality prospects that you can turn into profitable customers. Call us on 01608 686917.